"You’ll get the opportunity to find out what kind of worker you are, how well you work in groups, what your best skills are, and whether or not you can make it an entire 24 hours without sleep"
— I just couldn’t love this quote more! Full blog by Summer Lambert below 

It’s amazing what you can do in 24 hours 

Directed by Matt Whitt

Shot and edited by Matt Reamer 

The following is a semi-found, semi-exquisite corpse poem assembled by Danielle from a few of the many interesting, inspiring, and just plain funny things overheard during past 24 hours.

Ode to CreateAthon

Holy tortilla! I’m concerned 
about Flash. It has legs. How
can I help?

Get a little more history going.
Replicate that design:
The pen as negative space,

modern tree concept. It’s important
to get footage of the band.
My head’s been jostled. The entire face, 

entire body. I’m going to be
a forgotten idea. Throw 
your trash at me.

Figuring out what we’re doing 
next. This is the mockup. This
is the demo. Shit,

there’s no caffeine in this!
The shuffle feels good. I nestled 
your cola. It’s 3 AM; 

don’t tell me what’s not pretty. 
One o’clock, the rah-rah 
ended. I am on to your client.

It’s light outside. Are you 
ready? Is it where it is? 
How many gigglebytes

is it? Is there coffee?
It’s all gonna be good: This 
is rockstar work.

Tap, tap ,tap on their keyboards. They wait for the teams final projects to start to come together. Teams are printing, cutting, and mounting the long hours of their labor for the non-profit organizations to see. Only a few tears have surfaced thus far. Last chance for 5 hour energy if you want to be able to sleep at all after the Thon is over. Clean-up is underway. The rumor is Chick-fil-A for breakfast, yipee.

-Alecia Bailey (SMS)

The morale of the teams seems to be at the same level as these soldiers’.

-Alecia Bailey (Social Media Squad)

Earlier Today

Jam session

-Alecia Bailey (Social Media Squad)